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What Function Mats Are Laid Separately In Different Places In The Home?
May 11, 2018

The floor mat is a product that can effectively remove dirt and dirt from the entrance, absorb water and contaminate, keep the floor clean and the ground safe. The ground pad, laid on the source of the pollution source, is a clean 24 hour guard, unrelentlessly adsorbing and collecting all the stains and dust on the surface of the ground, so as to ensure the cleanliness and safety of the indoor ground. More and more people are aware of the effect of ground mats on the ground protection, thus laying the pads at home, but the ground pads should be different in different areas.

There are many functions of the floor mat, and the different materials also affect the main functions of the floor mat.

Like nylon, it has good abrasion resistance and easy cleaning, but it is also easy to deform, and it is easy to generate static electricity. Suitable for laying outside doors, easy to clean up the dust left.

Acrylic fiber is soft, warm and elastic, soft, soft, and easy to shed, but its water absorption is not strong and its wear resistance is poor. The floor mat made of acrylic can be laid indoors, and the material is soft and soft.

The wear resistance of polyester is only inferior to that of nylon, and it is also heat-resistant and light resistant. The fourth category is polypropylene, which is light in weight, good in elasticity, high in strength, rich in raw materials, good in wear resistance and low in price.

Pure cotton material has good water absorption and good plasticity. It can make different three-dimensional design changes, and it is very convenient to clean. The cotton mat can be used in the bathroom to absorb the water stains brought out after bathing. The touch of superfine fiber is softer than that of pure cotton, and its density is very small. It is not easy to stick and dirty. It is more convenient to maintain and clean. The floor mat made of rubber flocking material is not only well drained, light resistant, tough, durable, beautiful, and has long service life.

Paving area: outside the gate

Bringing back sand and water stains from the outside world will bury the indoor ground. This requires the floor mat to have sand scraping and decorating effects.

Paving area: a porch

The residence time is long, the ground material is easy to wear, and the ground is easy to be dirty.

Paved area: Kitchen

The floor is oily, wet and slippery, and it is easy to slip. It needs laying floor mats with oil absorption, water absorption and anti skid functions.

Paved area: bathroom and shower room

The ground is slippery, easy to slip, and easy to breed bacteria. It needs laying a floor mat with water absorption / drainage and anti-skid function.

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