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What Are The Benefits Of Diatom Mat Use?
May 11, 2018

1, water absorption: a touch is dry, instant water absorption! There are numerous tiny holes on the floor mat, which only need five seconds to absorb the water on the feet.

2. Quick drying: absorb moisture quickly and keep the surface dry. This mat is made of pure natural material. Ordinary mats are not comparable to our products. Our ground mats are superfinishing.

3, deodorization: it can inhibit the multiplication of bacteria and good deodorant effect. It not only has the advantages of water absorption, drying and deodorization, but also has the characteristics of preventing fungus production and mites breeding.

4, no cleaning: the surface is kept dry for a long time without daily cleaning. Compared with the ordinary bathroom floor mat, this section does not need daily cleaning. It only needs water washing and air drying, greatly reducing your cleaning time.

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