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Make Your Home Life Simple And Fun-Bath Mat
May 11, 2018

Bath Mat

Natural diatomite has the characteristics of strong water absorption and purification. It is convenient to use, that is to step on. Let your home life become simple and interesting!

Use of attention

The mat is suitable for placing outside the door of the bathroom, that is, the dry area, which is not suitable for the bathroom. It can also be placed in the corner of the wall.

Place the floor mat to ensure that it is smooth and hard. Not applicable: soft floor, drop floor and sharp floor.

Before applying, place the foot pad in the right position and press the foot pad diagonal to test the degree of fit between the mat and the floor. The diatomite foot pad can only be started when the gap between the foot pad and the floor is zero.

Please use diatomaceous foot pad with bare feet. The effect is better and easier to maintain hygiene.

This product is fragile, and can not be trampled or hit by gravity. Please handle it gently. If the rupture occurs, please put it in cloth (nonwoven) bag, which can be used in the closet, refrigerator, storage box, drawer and so on.


* when the foot pad is used for a period of time, the surface will leave dust and stains, which can be removed by washing with water.

In case of stubborn stains, wash with detergent and water. Then place the ventilating place to dry naturally (the recommended time is 6 days).

If a small area is stained, it can be removed with fine sand paper.

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