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How To Choose Diatom Mud Correctly
May 11, 2018

Selection and purchase identification

1, before buying, it is best to compare goods with three products, and know more about diatom mud product information. To identify the products carefully, the real diatom mud is easily identified from the quality, the price, the service and the reputation of the enterprise. The 1 square meters wall can absorb about 1 kilograms in 1 minutes, no color, no mud, and a sprinkled pot can be identified.

2, diatom mud, as a new functional interior decoration wall material, has many brands. When buying, we should pay attention to the following points:

A, functional:

Water absorbing diatom mud itself has numerous pores, and its unique molecular sieve structure determines its strong physical adsorption and ion exchange function. And water is pervasive, so we can use water spray method (water absorbency) to identify its true and false. Using a large sprinkler for the same location of the wall repeatedly 20~30 times, the real diatom mud will quickly absorb water, each square meter wall can absorb 1 kg in 1 minutes, and the diatom mud does not absorb water or suck water.

B, the decorative nature is heavy, the texture design is natural and simple.

C, durable for thirty years without fading, powdering, dropping, spalling, etc.

D, environmental protection, health and environmental protection, zero formaldehyde, zero pollution, zero VOC.

Purchasing skills

First, look at the color. The true diatom mud is soft and evenly distributed, showing a sub - light color and has the effect of mud. The fake diatom mud will be oily and glossy. It is too bright and dazzling. It will be easy to decolorization and color for a long time.

Second, try your hand. True diatom mud feels delicate and has a pine feel. Its texture design is exquisite, fluent and generous, with strong artistic impact. The false diatom mud feels rough and hard, like cement and sandstone, and its texture is rigid and beautiful.

Third, see the water absorption. Because the real diatom mud has the characteristics of porous and molecular sieve structure, it is proved that it has rich pores by spraying water to the diatom mud wall. With 2 liters of large sprays, the water is repeatedly sprayed on the metope of diatom mud. The water on the real diatom mud wall will be absorbed quickly, gently touching the surface of the spray wall with the palm of the hand, no water stains, mud falling, falling off, falling off and so on. But after the "diatom mud" wall is sprinkled, the water will flow down the wall, and the amount of water absorption is very small, so it can not be repaired. In addition, the fake diatom mud has a pungent or pungent odor after spraying water, and it is tasteless because of the solidification of glue.

Wall cleaning

1, small handprints, footprints, or handwriting, and other cleaning methods, because children like to play, it is unavoidable to leave some handprints on the wall, you can try the following methods to clean:

A: gently wipe the dirty diatom mud wall with simple tools such as soft rubber, hard rubber or fine sand paper, and then slowly remove it without leaving any trace.

2. Dust cleaning and dust collecting are usually caused by excessive drying of air and electrostatic adsorption of floating dust. As diatom mud has a good adjustment and balance to air humidity, the surface of the wall material is hydrophilic and can effectively reduce the electrostatic phenomenon. Therefore, compared with other materials, the wall of the diatom mudstone wall is not easy to hang dust and has a certain self cleaning function.

3, coffee, orange juice and other color liquid.

A: the stains should be wiped in time before the stains are permeated and diffused, and the shallow stains can be removed with a clean dishcloth with chlorine bleaching agent on the dirty diatom wall interview.

B: if it is permeable and stained with large stains, it is necessary to gently scrape the contaminated mud down, reapply it with the same diatom mud, and reshape it according to the original texture.

If C. is really necessary, it can be thoroughly moisten, take off and repair again. This process requires a professional master to complete it.

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