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Diatomaceous Earth Mat The Most Natural And Healthy Mat
May 11, 2018

Diatomite foot pad, which benefits from its "special" design concept, applies the "soil" to the design of the foot mat. The simple design plus the size of the compression is very suitable for indoor use, so that both feet enjoy the feeling of touching the natural soil. Of course, the reasons for using diatomite to make foot pads are far more than that.

One, super strong hygroscopic ability. Most people do not have to clean the feet seriously at the end of the bath, but I do not know that this habit is very bad for the body. As the saying goes, it is easy to get cold from the feet and the bottom of the foot. With natural diatomite foot pad, the feet are instantly dry and dry at the end of the bath.

Second, special deodorizing function. Go to a friend's home, after the slippers always have a "sour" taste, always particularly awkward, and diatomite has a deodorizing feature on the foot, henceforth with the stinky foot say goodbye!

Third, a unique "medical" effect. Traditional foot pads are easy to breed bacteria, and natural diatomaceous foot mat not only does not breed bacteria, but can absorb and decompose substances that cause human allergy. No guarantee that this foot pad can cure athlete's foot, but at least it can reduce the growth of bacteria.

In addition, the smooth and flat appearance design of natural diatomite mat is more comfortable and practical for us.

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