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Diatomaceous Earth Manifestation
Jul 04, 2018

Diatomaceous earth is be added into the coating to eliminate light and absorb odors. It has been used for many years in foreign countries.

The indoor and outdoor coatings, decoration materials and diatomaceous mud produced by diatomite will not release harmful chemicals to the human body, but also improve the living environment.

After adding diatomaceous earth coating, have been many large international paint manufacturers as the specified products, widely used in the diatom mud, emulsion paint, exterior paint, alkyd resin paint and polyester paint and other coatings system, especially suitable for the production of architectural coatings. Application in the coating, paint, can balance control of the surface gloss of coating film, increase the wear resistance and scratch resistance of coating, dehumidification, deodorization, and still can purify air, sound insulation, waterproof and heat insulation, good permeability characteristics.

Diatomaceous Earth Manifestation

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