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Cup Coaster Production
May 11, 2018

The craftsmanship of the cup mats is simple and individual

1, make a paper cup mat, directly select materials according to the requirements of tailoring.

2, making plastic coasters, also choose good materials can also be tailored.

3, metal cup mat to see the beauty of the specific requirements, if there is not much demand, you can buy some cheap and easy to handle aluminum sheet and so on can be tailored.

4. Wooden coaster is also relatively simple. Anyone who understands a bit of sawing technology can do it.

5, the flower cup mat uses the drop glue to make the Hua Hua handicraft is the most attractive. The key chains, chain pendants and so on are all unique and exquisite. Like amber, they are crystal clear, and the brightly colored flowers are in bloom. In fact, it is not very difficult to make such a handicraft. First, put the good flowers and plants in a fixed position, and then adjust the A and B glue to 1: 3 proportions (the transparent color is uniform), and then drop it on the flowers and grass. After it is naturally dry, it has successfully fixed the beauty, the whole work The artifact is so delicate that you can't see a trace of manual work. The most amazing thing is that the flower can not only freeze the original shape of the flowers and plants, but also make the flowers and grass cut and paste together into different patterns through the wonderful idea. If you can cut the morning glory into a little girl's floral skirt, cut the leaves into one grape, turn the goldfish into soft willow branches... The most painful thing is that, with your own preferences, you can spelled them freely in different maps and put them in the frame, which became a unique art.

Of course, there are countless businessmen specializing in the production of the cup mats, the coasters are a fast elimination product, the market is in short supply, only the domestic demand has exceeded the expectations of many enterprises, so increasing production is the only strategy of the enterprise.

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