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Advantages Of Diatom Soap Dish
May 11, 2018

The Mahayana diatom mat has not been listed for a long time in China, but sales are rising steadily. This has nothing to do with the production material of Mahayana diatom mat. Diatom mud can effectively absorb and decompose harmful substances such as formaldehyde and benzene in the process of decoration, and regulate the humidity of the air. The foot pads made in the bathroom have good water absorption and skid resistance characteristics. Instant water absorption, quickly suck out the residual moisture of the feet after bathing, and feet tread lightly, just like stepping on the natural soil of the earth and feeling the gentle and comfortable nature of the soil. And every time after bathing and bathing, the room will not be wet again, but return to the natural dry and comfortable. According to the introduction, the cleaning of this Mahayana diatom pads is also very simple. The surface sooy can be flushed with chicken feather duster or dry towel. It can be washed with water and then dried with towels. Cleaning the mat between the bathroom is no longer a dirty work.

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