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What's the difference between a ground mat and a carpet?
May 11, 2018

Many customers do not know the difference between mats and carpets, or think that both are the same products, so that the carpet will be used as a mat, which is very wrong.

This will not only fail to achieve effective pollution control, and will not protect the floor materials. It will also cause ground hazards, slipping accidents and affecting the image of the building. Professional cleaning companies should advise owners to use a professional floor mat system. All-round protection of floor materials, slowing the frequency of ground maintenance.

The material of the carpet is mainly made up of natural fibers or chemical fibers. It can be hand-machined on the weaving. Its history is also quite long. Its scope of application is also quite wide, and it pays more attention to the decorative appearance, the carpet soft sound-absorbing, the sense of foot Comfortable. Everyone knows that carpets can not be used frequently, and the number of cleanings should not be too much. The carpet should not be cleaned too much, and it is usually laid as soft floors indoors. The weaving blanket is more of a decorative interior, which reflects the sense of art design. It can only be washed several times and should not be cleaned. It is usually laid in the living room and under the living room coffee table.


The appearance of floor mats is not as early as carpets. It can be said that it is a product of today's society. It should mainly have products that are in and out of the entrance, are non-slip and keep clean, and pay more attention to the protection of floor materials.

The floor mat has functional properties, can absorb dirt, protect soft and hard ground from damage, it can be accessed frequently, it does not limit the number of times on the cleaning, can be repeatedly cleaned, and easy to clean, very easy to use. Mats have many functions, such as sanding, dust removal, water absorption, oil absorption, anti-skid, isolation, anti-fatigue, anti-static, etc. They are usually laid at the diffusion point of the pollution source according to their different functions.

In general, floor mats and carpets have the following differences:

First, the anti-fouling ability of floor mats is stronger than that of carpets. Therefore, if we want to distinguish between carpets and floor mats, we can see the effect of their suction.

Second, the material of the carpet is mainly made of natural fibers such as hemp, cotton, silk, wool, and grass, or chemical synthetic fiber materials, and the ground coverings are knitted, tufted, or woven by manual or mechanical processes. Comfort is higher than floor mats.

Third, we all know that carpets can not be used frequently, and the number of cleanings should not be excessive. These two points can be said to have brought us a lot of trouble, but the floor mats are not the same, and it can be accessed frequently. The number of times of cleaning is not limited, and it is very convenient to use. Therefore, we can also use such a method in distinguishing.

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