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Water absorbent diatomite
May 11, 2018

The cup mat made from diatomaceous earth has super absorbent force so that it will not stick to the water cup. And the bottom of the cup has been processed, and it is not easy to slide.

Q: what is diatomite?

A: diatomite, a fossil diatom accumulation soil deposit, is a kind of fossilized diatom accumulation soil after 1 to 20 thousand years of accumulation period after the death of single celled plants known as diatom. Diatoms are one of the earliest protists living on the earth and live in seawater or lake water. It is this diatom that provides oxygen to the earth through photosynthesis, and promotes the birth of human beings and animals and plants.

Q: the main features of diatomite?

A: it has the characteristics of large porosity, strong absorbency, stable chemical properties, wear resistance and heat resistance.

Matters needing attention:

Because there is danger of breaking, do not place it in high and low places.

The basic maintenance is drying in the sun. When dirty and dirty, rinse with bleach and dry.

The product has white brown spots, not quality problems, so please feel free to use them.

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