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The scope of application of diatom mud
May 11, 2018

Sanatorium, club, theme club, high-end hotel, resort hotel, office building, style restaurant, etc.

Diatom mud, with diatomite as its main material, dates back to 2007. The excellent performance of this product, plus the pure hand plastering finish effect, has been appreciated by the people just entering the market. Diatom mud itself is a wall material which has the function of eliminating formaldehyde, heat insulation, heat breaking, preventing dew, moisture, sound insulation, odor elimination, and the artistic style of the craftsmen. It has attracted wide attention in many architects, design companies and designers. Subsequently, diatom mud's unique expressive power and performance were quickly accepted by high-end consumers and widely applied in many fields.

Diatom mud, though superior in performance and fine in texture, is suitable for all types of indoor space. When diatom mud was invented in 2007, the product was soft, Wen Run and uniform, and was suitable for home decoration. With the rapid development of diatom mud products, diatom mud has also become an industry, and the industry is gradually expanding and the brand is increasing. At present, diatomaceous mud products are also used in ordinary houses. There are diatom mud wall construction examples in the inner and outer walls and ceilings.

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