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The foot mat will choose the diatomite environmental protection water cushion!
May 11, 2018

The foot mats choose diatomite pads. It belongs to the natural diatomite products. It feels fine and hard. It touches the soil. It does not have hair loss. The multi space molecular structure greatly increases friction, is more slippery, easy to clean and more durable.

The diatomite environmental absorbent mat is strong in moisture absorption, deodorization, taste absorption, decomposition of formaldehyde, natural mildew resistance, water absorption, purification, and protection of your feet. Nanotechnology strengthens hardness, new technology revolution and quality improvement, breaking through traditional crafts and improving the quality of life. Diatomite mat is made of natural diatomite, and its life expectancy is much higher than that of blankets. Diatomite has the function of purifying air, and can absorb toxic gases in the air.

Why do you choose diatomite pads?

1, strong water absorption: the new Nanotechnology Revolution, diatomite unique material characteristics, the porosity of up to 90%, can quickly remove the residual water droplets on the foot of the bath, water conversion into water vapor, indoor humidity and air circulation in the environment, moisture absorption regulation;

2, purify the air: use natural diatomite as raw material to avoid direct contact between chemicals and skin, environmental protection and health. Its unique "molecular sieve" structure can release negative oxygen ions, can effectively remove free formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia and other harmful substances in the air and the odor produced by pets, smoking, garbage and so on, purify the air.

3, mildew proof and moisture-proof: water absorption and moisture-proof performance is excellent, diatomite contains weak alkali substances, which is not conducive to the growth of mould, but not mildew, and its porous molecular sieve structure, immobilized bacteria and absorb its water, so that it is difficult to survive.

4, safety and antiskid: diatomite pH neutral, natural safety surface has numerous fine holes, with a strong physical adsorption function, high adsorption capacity, with a strong skidproof;

5, durable: made of natural diatomite fired at high temperature, it is not easy to wear, not fade, and the service life is longer than that of blankets.

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