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Ousimu diatomite bath mat/diatomaceous earth bath mat
Aug 22, 2018

About the diatomite/diatomaceous earth, many people are not unfamiliar, in recent years with the decoration market diatomite/diatomaceous earth mud hot, the concept of diatomite/diatomaceous earth is gradually understood by people.But when it comes to vermiculite, there are not so many people who know about it.

Dongyang Ousimu Environmental Sci-Tech Co., Ltd is the manufacturer specialized in producing all kinds of diatomite/diatomaceous earth bath mat.


"diatomite/diatomaceous earth", the main components of vermiculite foot pad, are natural materials that are harmless to human body, have strong water absorption performance, strong humidity adjustment ability and air purification, etc., which are in line with the requirements of the general public of China on household products, such as comfort and practicality, economy and environmental protection, and good quality. In addition, the Ousimu diatomaceous foot pad with excellent hygroscopic property is superior to the traditional foot pad. Compared with the traditional foot pad, it has the advantages of water absorption, quick drying, mildew resistance and bacteria inhibition, insect control and odor elimination, no breeding of bacteria, and easy cleaning.

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