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How to choose to buy a suitable floor mat?
May 11, 2018

Floor mats are indispensable in our home life. They can prevent dust and scratch sand and keep the interior clean and clean. From the entrance, the entrance to the kitchen bedroom, the floor mats needed in different areas are not the same. So how to pick a suitable floor mat?

1. Foyer mats: The main purpose of using household mats in foyers is to decontaminate, scrape sand, and prevent dust from entering the interior and causing pollution. Therefore, foot pads made of materials with high abrasion resistance, good decontamination effect, and easy cleaning should be selected, such as rubber, coconut fiber material, polypropylene, nylon, polyester, and the like.

2. Entrance mat: The floor mat in the entrance can protect the floor and reduce the wear on the ground. Therefore, the entrance mat can be selected as a soft, non-linting acrylic material mat.

3. Toilet floor mats: Floor mats placed in front of the wash basin and in the bathroom door are mainly used for water absorption. Therefore, cotton or ultra-fine fiber mats should be selected, especially microfiber materials. Consumers step directly on the bath after bathing, not only absorbing water fast, but also feeling very comfortable.

4. Kitchen floor mats: The floor mats are used here to prevent the water and oil in the kitchen from entering the living area. It is recommended to use a cotton floor mat here. Because the cotton pad absorbs oil, and because it is a natural material, it is safer to use in the kitchen. In addition, the polypropylene floor mats are mostly dark colors and are not noticeable after soiling, and cleaning is also relatively simple. Polypropylene floor mats also have a prominent advantage, that is, the price is generally, and its material is also non-ultrafine material is very durable. Using polypropylene floor mats in kitchens, which are dirty, is really the best option.

5. Bedroom floor mats: Nowadays, many people like to place a home floor mat next to the bed. When they get out of bed, they can go barefoot without catching cold. Although there are a lot of bedside mats on the market, Meijiao recommends that you use cotton or microfiber mats in your bedroom. These two kinds of floor mats are safe and non-polluting, completely eliminate the problems of static electricity, and have a comfortable texture, which is ideal for use in bedrooms and children's rooms.

6. Balcony, stairway floor mats: The floor mats mainly play a non-slip effect in these two places, and acrylic mats and non-slip mats can be used.

In addition to the quality of the floor mat, daily cleaning and maintenance of the floor mat is also very important, which can effectively prolong the service life of the floor mat.

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