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How to buy diatomite (diatomaceous earth)
Jul 24, 2018

1, look at the color. The true diatomite (diatomaceous earth) has a soft color, even distribution, and a subluminous color, with the effect of mud surface. And counterfeit diatomite (diatomaceous earth)  will present oily smooth surface, color is too gorgeous, have dazzling sense, use for a long time easy decolorize, design and color.

2, feel it. The real diatomite (diatomaceous earth)  feels delicate and has the feeling of pine. Its texture pattern is exquisite, smooth and generous, with strong artistic impact. The fake diatomite (diatomaceous earth)  mud feels rough and hard, like cement and sandstone, and its texture is rigid and unaesthetic.

3, look at water absorption. Because the real diatomite (diatomaceous earth) has the characteristics of porous, "molecular sieve" structure, it is proved to have rich pores by spraying water on the surface of diatomite (diatomaceous earth ). Take a 2-liter large spray bottle in hand and spray water on the surface of diatomite (diatomaceous earth)  wall repeatedly. The water on the surface of the real diatomite (diatomaceous earth)  wall will be absorbed quickly. Gently touch the water spraying wall with the palm. And after the fake "diatomite (diatomaceous earth) " wall spraying water, water will flow down the wall, the amount of water absorption is very small, cannot repair. In addition, there is an acrid odor after the fake "diatomite (diatomaceous earth) " spraying water, or it is tasteless due to the solidification of the adhesive binding plate

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