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How do the diatomite bathrooms clean?
May 11, 2018

The diatomite foot pad is a kind of sedimentary rock. It feels fine and hard, with low density about 0.6 times of water, 90% of the porosity surface, the number of holes is five - six thousand times of the charcoal, the water absorption rate is 2~4 times of its own weight. Aldehyde acetaldehyde adsorbed and decomposed to improve air environment. There may be a small amount of powder on the surface of the product when you open the box. Please use wet towel to wipe or wash it. Please put this product on the flat surface and use it without weight limit. 

It is easy to keep health and use this product. Do not put this product on the ground, such as soft floor, falling ground and so on, do not fall from the high. Falling or strong impact can cause product rupture or deformation; colored stains are difficult to clean, do not stain stubborn stains, if this situation, please use fine sand paper grinding and removal. After the normal use of this product, we can not put this product for a long time in the sun exposure or air conditioning and other heating devices dry, easily cause warp, change, change. Shape, allowing it to dry naturally in the air circulation.

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