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Diatomite toilet cushion mats
May 11, 2018

The water absorbing and antiskid foot mat of the bathroom has good water absorption and quickly suck out the remaining water droplets on the feet after bathing. Diatomite unique surface micro floating powder, stepping on the moment, you can have the feeling of relaxation on the natural soil. Suitable for home use, double foot light step to quickly absorb excess moisture, daily bath, no longer wet answer room, feet clean and comfortable, have contact with the earth's feeling, cleaning simple, cleaning bathroom mats are no longer dirty work, easy to improve the quality of home life, pay attention to the quality of life you enjoy a more comfortable home Life。

Before the first use, the surface has fine diatomite floating powder on the surface because of the surface. The customer can use water and put it in the cool and ventilated place to dry. The time is not long, and then it is dry. Then you can use it. When you use it, you step on the top. The feeling of natural cool step on the soil is only needed to wipe the feet of the towel. The water on the face and legs is OK.

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