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Diatomite bath mat product Selection
Jul 20, 2018

Consumers should pay attention to the identification of the true and false diatomite bath mat, with a large amount of water spray to diatomite bath mat surface, true diatomite bath mat color, not flow mud, with the hand touch the wall, the wall dry.The fake "diatomite bath mat" spray has a pungent or tasteless smell. In a word, cannot absorb water, absorb water little or form after absorbing water ooze mud, drop slag, fade color, decolor, design and color and so on the phenomenon are fake "diatomite bath mat".

Identification of choose and buy

1. Before purchasing, it is better to shop around and learn more about diatomite bath mat products. To carefully identify products, different brands, packaging products, from quality, price, service, corporate reputation and other aspects of comprehensive consideration, the real diatomite bath mat is very easy to identify, a square meter of wall within a minute about a kilogram of water absorption, no color, no mud, a spray bottle can identify the authenticity.

2. As a new kind of functional interior decoration wall material, diatomite bath mat has many brands. The following points should be noted when purchasing:

A. Function: the water-absorbing diatomite bath mat itself has numerous micro-pores, and its unique molecular sieve structure determines its strong physical adsorption and ion exchange function. Water is invulnerable, so water spraying can be used to determine whether it is real or not. Use big gush to the same position of metope water jet 20~30 times repeatedly, true diatomite bath mat can absorb water quickly, can absorb water 1 kilogram within 1 minute of every square meter metope, and false diatomite bath mat won't absorb water or absorb water rarely.

B. The decorative texture is heavy, and the texture pattern is natural and simple.

C. Durability for 30 years, no fading, pulverizing, slag dropping, peeling, etc

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