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Natural Diatomaceous Earth Bath Mat

Natural Diatomaceous Earth Bath Mat

Our bath mats are made of natural diatom mud which can purity the air,moistureproof,humidity control and deodorant , so it's good for your health . It's a porpular eco-friendly product , since waterproof, instant dry,antibacterial and resistant.

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Diatomite mat

The main material of our products is diatomite or diatomaceous earth which is eco-friendly,durable and very popular these years.


Diatomite is tiny,single-celled algae found in plankton in ocean and accumulated after they died,then fossilized into diatomite after hundreds of millions of years. The main components are silicon dioxide,light and porous. Electron microscope shows that diatomite is nanoscale porous material with diameter at 0.1-0.2 micrometers,the porosity is up to 90% and the pores are regularly organized into circles and its micropores quantity in unit area is several thousands times of active carbon’s.


Such unique molecular characteristics contributed to the excellent function of diatomite,such as strong water absorption,antibacterial,deodorant,mildew proof,anti-slip,purify the air,moisture proof,prevent the fungus and mites,heat resistant.


OEM,ODM,make design or pattern according to your requirement. We can supply sample not for free,but the cost will be refunded if you make regular order to us .

Product View

SIZE          :600*390*9MM,600*390*14MM

COLOR     :Blue,greey,white,grey,pink,brown

PACKAGE: 10pcs in 1 outer carton

                   1 pc in 1 bubble bag + 1 brown box + 1 color box                  

Delivery date:5-15days after received your payment.

Shipping       : By sea if big quatity and heavy or depends your required




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