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Address: No.999 Shuguang Street, Changsonggang Area, Economic Development Area,
Dongyang, Zhejiang, China (Mainland)

◆Our History

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◆Our Factory

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◆Our Product

Diatomite Bath Mat,Diatomite Cup Coaster,Diatomite Soap Dish,Diatomite Flower Pot Tray,Diatomite Pet Cage

◆Product Application

Ideal for use in your bathroom, laundry room, bedroom, living room, and even kitchen, etc

◆Our Certificate


◆Production Equipment

carving machine,sander,polishing machine,air compressor ,pulverizer ,laser printer ,UV printer 

◆Production Market

Eastern Asia 40% /North America 25%/Western Europe 10%/Northern Europe10%/Domestic Market 10%/Southern Europe 5%

◆Our service

• Best Price & Good Quality for all kinds of diatomaceous earth products

• Strong manufacturer ability

• Well equipped facilities and excellence quality control through out

• All stage of  production.

• Quality raw material and outstanding workmanship can offer you more commercial opportunities.

• The Modern design and fascination

• Suit for anywhere indoor

• Available in Various Colors

• Custom Size

• OEM order welcome